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A Simple How to on Installing and Running Modpacks Off of Twitch.

A Simple How to on Installing and Running Modpacks Off of Twitch.

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It is very easy to get started with Minecraft modpacks using the Twitch client. You don't need to know a lot about your computer, unlike some of the other ways to install packs. Some of the few things you will need to know is the amount of Ram your computer has, as well as your available disk space, both of which are easy to figure out through simple internet searches.

Twitch launcher: https://www.twitch.tv/downloads/

Step 1

The first thing you will need to have is a Minecraft account and the client installed onto your computer. The second is a Twitch account with the Twitch client installed as well. Once you have those you are ready to start at the main screen of the Twitch client.

Twitch client main page.

Step 2

From the main page you will then select the Mods tab located at the top of the screen.

The Mods Tab.

Step 3

From there you will have a selection of games available to download mods. We will be selecting Minecraft from this list. Available games will be in color while games that are grayed out are not installed on your machine.

Game List

Step 4

Once you have selected Minecraft you will see a screen displaying the modpacks you have installed. Since our objective is to install new modpacks, click on Browse Modpacks.

Browse Modpacks Tab.

Step 5

Next you can select any modpack that you are interested in. In another POST https://blog.moddedminecraft.net/mod-safari-appleskin/ there will be a breakdown on discovering and selecting the modpacks that are best for you. In this walk through we will be using Enigmatica 2: Expert.

Modpacks available.

Step 6

Once you have selected the modpack you wish to play you will be taken to its page. From there you will be able to see the Overview of the pack, the change log, as well as the Version of the pack. At the top right of the packs page you will see several options including Install, Download Server Pack, and Website. The website button will take you directly to the CurseForge page for the modpack. Our objective is the Install button.

Install Button.

Step 7

When you click the install button, the modpack will begin installing onto your machine. Some packs can have from a few dozen to several hundred mods included so this process may take some time. Simply allow it to run through to completion.

Installation Progress.

Step 8

Now that the modpack is installed you will be able to click Play and be brought into the Minecraft client. On the bottom left of the Minecraft client you will be able to see the modpack as the primary loader of the client vs the vanilla Minecraft file. Once you are loaded in you can click Play to start the pack.

Click Play on the Modpack.
Modded Minecraft Client.

Step 9

Now that the modpack is loading all you need to do is allow it to finish and you will be able to start your new modded Minecraft experience.

Loading the Modpack.

Step 10

Now that your game is loaded you will be able to load up a singleplayer game, or play multiplayer by joining a server such as all those available from ModdedMinecraft.net. You can find them on the Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/XWCB4B3

The Loaded Modpack.

Additional Information

If your modpack struggles to load because there is not enough RAM it is a simple fix. First go to your General Twitch Settings. From there you will see a tab for Minecraft. There will be a section titled Java Settings then underneath Allocated Memory. Setting a higher amount of RAM will allow your Modpacks to load smoother, Be sure to check the RAM available on your Machine and don't allow more than is necessary.

Twitch Settings.
Allotting Memory to Minecraft.


I hope that this Walkthrough has been helpful to those of you who have been interested in playing Modded Minecraft but were unsure how to get started. Ifd there is any other help that is needed to start your new adventure feel free to reach out on the ModdedMinecraft.net Discord support channel. Here is the discord invite: https://discordapp.com/invite/XWCB4B3

Thank you for reading!


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